Saturday, 31 March 2012

Welcome to Sapphic Seduction *wink wink*

We are a fabulous trio dedicated to the needs and desires of gay women all colours of the rainbow. We will provide a fascinating insight and overview of the issues we face and shine a light on the wonder that makes our community so unique and special. Lesbians are a creative and motivated bunch. By creating this blog we hope to acknowledge members of the community who contibute through activism and/or art. We want to highlight fantastic places to spend an evening and trash the places that don't come up to standard. We will also have a black hair/skincare section. This matter is very dear to my heart as alot of products marketed for our hair/skin are damaging and I have decided after many years of hair abuse to restore the afro nature intended. There will also be advice for relaxed/weave wearers on how to effectively prevent breakage and repair damaged hair.
   Our promise to you is that the listings will be upto date and well researched, our reviews will be humorous and informative, our interviews will be interesting, our health and beauty will be on point and we will stay fabulous. I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we've enjoyed creating it...

Love and all that good stuff

Sapphic Seduction team

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