Monday, 20 August 2012

Anti Homophobia poem for Black Pride

For those who missed the performance here's the poem. It is not called anything. Yet. Hope you enjoy:

could just be my friend
we could
Live together, laugh together
argue about getting a cat together
We would be
The ultimate flatmates
We'd feel richer than bill gates coz
We found each other
always there for one another
I never had a friend like this...
I look at her and want to kiss her
catch her mid drop to stop
her breaking apart...
Because she is the lighthouse in my ocean of dark
We are such great friends
sisters true blood till the end
I am cotton to the tears, she has shed
and after a wonderful evening we go home and sleep
in separate beds
Our friendship is platonic
Our friendship is so pure we have god on our side
we have a love that shines
that inspires loyalty and heals any divide
A love all admire, a love that could extinguish any fire
our friendship would be the greatest example of an unbreakable bond
if we... If we...
Didn't have sex


Because we have sex it shifts the context
suddenly i'm victim to a demons hex
and our love only wrecks
Cast into the shadows of deviance
they imply we lack decency, society's inconvenience
and god?
God is violently opposed

Man is violently opposed
homosexuality can be lethal
I share that burden with all the rainbow people
Activists: Brian Williamson, Steve Harvey, David Kato
were forced to face their final door
And Saskia Gunn can speak no more

Malevolent intentions are for the weak
the ignorance is no cause to lose sleep
when derogatory potshots come cheap
so when one of those people who I struggle to believe
are more than one cell, decide to label me. A freak...
I find it incredibly insulting

So much so
I'd love to charge a homophobe
with the crime of stupidity
sub analytical reasoning does not support that level of ignorance logically
If you wanna hide behind religion the way little kids hide behind their fathers
Then allow me to apologise, before I damage that Armour
Leviticus chapter 11 verse 10 states
Eating shellfish is an abomination
so if you eat shrimp-be warned
you may face eternal damnation
If you're gonna take every word in the bible as law
then where is your protest over the consumption of prawns?
Or do taste buds come first because prawns are... Nice?
If you can overlook passages on shellfish disregarding the verse on homosexuality
is no sacrifice
If you focus on hating the love we share
Then let that be your hell, your cross to bear

Why are homophobic people blind to the fact, they're trapped
in the hell they're intent we belong
using faith to justify what's essentially wrong
haunted by visions shrouded in disgust and hatred
and we are supposed to be the ones promised to Satan!
Give me a break, I've had as much as i'm willing to take
Discrimination has got me under attack
So even my sex life, is a political act

Some homophobes are such because they are disgusted at the thought
Of how we get down, how we get our end away
the irony being conjuring up images of homoerotic activity is really  F%££$% gay.
Don't do that, free that space in your mind-I stay out of your business so stay out of mine
and perverts, please keep me out of your mind as i'm fed up of having to politely decline
requests to bang some random chick with her guy...

What makes even less sense is hating a race
how does any mind float into that space
From conception to death I lie encased in this race
fighting against being treated like industrial waste
Like all the single mums on the income support
that's what I like to call insufficient support
along with all the youths getting lost in the courts
when your only choices are dead avenues and paths the come up short
it's easy to indulge the thought that life is just a losing sport


There is acceptance, of self and others
I accept me knowing my history of the LGBT
and the melanin infused chocolate skin I find myself in
Our past and continued struggle against brutality
So many icons to respect keeps the ego in check
It keeps me sane coz at times being black and gay
has been a noose around my neck

I'm not just speaking historically but literally and metaphorically
and stereotypes follow me a lot more than sporadically...

Though I ensure it reaps no reward
I declare war, using a pen as my sword
I demand to be left alone
Left to my own devices like a rolling stone

So if you're homophobic, racist, ignorant-leave us. We have to coexist
it's a painful waste of time attempting to resist
what is what has been and what will always persist
I am at risk of falling under an ignorant fist
I believe hatred is the mark of a beast
Less hate can only encourage the peace
we need human rights in the collective sense
until that's achieved there is no time for us to sit on the fence

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  1. Great piece... love how you set that up with the friend stanza at the start. Very clever. Having been looking at the bible myself recently, it struck me how divorce should be as "unaccepted" in society, so I like the point you make about picking and choosing what is considered "sin" to justify human prejudice.