Tuesday, 8 May 2012

5 Things You Don't Say to Inked/Pierced People

A Doctor (for real) with tattoo's
 I had to address this issue primarily because people I hardly know keep asking me stupid questions regarding my tattoo's/piercings. I do not mind when people ask what my inspiration is for my artwork or ask me about the process-I am happy to pass that on. What I really, REALLY dislike are questions from a standpoint of judgmental ignorance. The "why did you do that to yourself" or "do you regret that" or the more comical "when you get older it's gonna get wrinkled." Gee, thanks for that, I thought when I got older my skin would simply wrinkle around the tattoo leaving the artwork completely intact (sarcasm alert.) I hate the way tattooed/pierced persons are looked down on and discrimanated against and will be writing an article about employment discrimination. For now, I'll leave you with the top 5 (though there are many more) things you should never say to inked/pierced individuals:

Did That Hurt?

Yes, indeed it did for it is not henna. It is a tattoo.  Humans and animals alike have nerves and a receptor in the brain for those nerves. When the body is exposed to intense or damaging stimuli it triggers a response. This response is called-wait for it, wait for it (wait for it) pain. It is done with a needle that places ink into the dermis (the skins second layer.) It hurts-to varying degrees-but it hurts. Please refrain from asking questions you already know the answer to because it's silly. Ask yourself, "if I got a toothpick and stabbed it along my skin at high speed-would it hurt?" Yes, it would.

Why Did You Do That?

If you are asking from a perspective of intrigue and genuine wonder that's completely fine. If you are asking because you want to know why someone would want to get a tattoo then you are a fool. I don't care if you're objecting to placement, design, quality or reasoning. You are a fool. Why do you have your hair in THAT particular style? WHY have you decided to wear those trousers? Why are you under the impression that Reebok Classics are still fashionable? Asking someone why they got a tattoo is no less insulting then the aforementioned questions. Besides there are very limited answers to that question. It's either A: I wanted to B: It means something to me (that's still "I wanted to") or C: My friend does tattoo's and I'm the guinea pig (this is still "I wanted to.") THE REASON PEOPLE GET TATTOO'S IS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. I don't care who you are you cannot go around asking perfect strangers about what they choose to do with their skin. For those of you who think it's self harm consider this. Would you go up to somebody you do not know with razor scars and ask why they did that? Not if you like your face bruise free. As people we choose to express ourselves in a variety of ways. We did not get tattooes to be scrutinised by ignorant people we hardly know. THINK.

When You Get Old They Will Wrinkle

Really? Really? I was under the impression that my tattooes were not on my skin. My answer to that question is always; "I'm aware of that."  Why should this be of any importance? Is untarnished wrinkled skin a commodity? Does having wrinkled skin sans tattooes make one closer to godliness? Will having uninked wrinkled skin mean when I'm in my 80's I'll still get all the ladies? Will the fact my tattooes wrinkle (because they are on my skin) mean nobody will love me :'( ... Does it? DOES IT? Please refrain from informing us of  this. We are aware of the phenomenom that is aging. We are more than happy with the fact our tatts age with us. Personally I think it has a certain charm about it. I seriously think some people believe if they stay inside society's box they are never going to die.

Do You Regret That?

Do you think I should? Why the hell have you asked me that!!?? Maybe I regret it, maybe not, but what I regret is none of your business. Someone asked me that very question about my favorite tattoo once. It's an experience I would rewind to because I was in such a state of shock all I could manage was "no."  This came from a woman (at the jobcentre-where else) with multiple lip piercings-they didn't suit her, just made her even more ugly, not that I'd say that. I am a lady. I have manners. It actually broke my heart a little and for maybe 2 minutes I felt abit like crap. Then I was angry. Angry that someone would put me down just to enjoy a sense of superiority. A false sense, but all the same. Please don't say this people. It's not nice. In that little exchange I learned something quite deep about someone I hardly knew. I knew she was spiteful or at the very least thoughtless. What did she learn about me? I like tattooes in unusual places. You expose yourself when you subject people to such a judgmental line of questioning.

You Must Find It Hard Getting A Job!

If A fellow inked person asks (or just somebody I know) this I don't mind. We can discuss the issue from a socialogical standpoint and exchange information on openminded employers etc. Do not ask me this if you want to feel superior for not having tatts or to find out my employment status/opportunities. That has nothing to do with you. I don't need your pseudo concern/pity. I don't stop working.  I get by. Iceland or Waitrose do not hold the key to my future (both of these places enforce a no tattoo employment policy) nor do they ever-for 1 second give me cause to regret the choices I have made with my skin. In fact, I'd rather be unemployed to look the way I do. It's a price I'm willing to pay. 


I could not choose ascribed characteristics such as my race or sex. I can choose how I present myself in day to day life with; piercings, tattoo's and my awesome sense of fashion. I'm a very openminded, non judgmental, clever, creative and emotionally intelligent human being. I value not only my diversity but everyone elses. Judging people just because they have tattoo's (or because anything else) is wrong and you do not have a right to judge just because we chose to look this way. Please think before you speak because you might be hurting someone's feelings. We must have a basic respect for people no matter what. Projecting ignorance on others is not attractive.

Me and my tatts, will be getting alot more!