Thursday, 10 May 2012

Deep Poetry Series: Shauna O'briain

We all know not all memories are good and I believe by acknowledging that fact whilst having open and honest discussions not only helps the afflicted but those who are yet to be. I'm going to be posting a series of deep soul searching poetry from the most amazing poets on the scene right now! I feel that just putting these stories out there in the form of lyrical beauty is a good thing. If only 1 person can identify it will have achieved it's purpose. The first poet in the series will be the amazingly talented Shauna O'briain founder of Lyrically Challenged an artistic space where all kinds of expression is accepted and greatly recieved. I will be doing a profile on Shauna and the Lyrically Challenged Collective soon. For now, I'll leave you with her heartfelt poem titled "Memories."


The memory's of the beatings Sting with the same sharp pain
As the wacks of the wooden spoon,
\Pants down looking at my red bottom and thighs in the mirror in my room,
Tears stain my cheeks so young not even 5 and so confused,
I know I was challenging but for that extreme punishment what did I do?
With my mum our relationship was a game I'd always loose,
The patterns she'd learnt from her father she was following suit,
We'd fight I'd get ignored for days,
Feeling like there's never a solution I'd imagine cutting my wrists with razor blades,
I didn't want evidence of home disfunctions so I pushed the feelings away
,Can't see it on the skin but emotional scars don't fade,
When I look back I see I pushed her into many a rage
,And wonder why I behaved that way,
Did I find love in a violent exchange,
Was it a dance I looked to re create,
Receiving abuse becomes a safe space?
A bite from her on my leg purple took three weeks to fade,
From that bruise part of my physcie is stained,
I wage on like a warrior searching for healing,
Coping statagies and different methods of dealing,
With a history so deep created depression and years were stolen,
More than my heart was broken,
Feeling unlovable in every relationship,
Now I gather wisdom looking to transform this situation like an alchemist
,Yet in moments I feel like a piece in a puzzle that never fits,
How do I forgive and let go,
She's dead I can't be angry at a ghost,
Yet so many youths from round the flats were I lived
suffered similar stories so something's gotta give,
Am I mad at the system or a broken woman?
Getting dragged up in cities full of mind pollution,
Breaking free living as an artist doing as I'm choosing,
I cry as I write,
the emotions escape now With Strength to provide
Knolodge that the past doesn't leave but we can choose to leave it behind
,Perspective as the gift,
A smile and a tear are equal it's powerful to share it,
Speak up and be heard,
Talk of our hurt,
No longer bottled up in side the stories are released with freedom like the wings of a bird,
The power of the feelings of injusticeInspire to create a change in social conciseness,
Every man woman and child on this planet,
Deserves freedom to live the life they want full of happiness,
In an unbalanced society
,Instead of being angry at the past or ourselves our stories can create unity,
Educate one another and form loving communities,
Cause we can spiral down and we can spiral up,
We can become pilars of loveOpen our hearts n share hugs,
Creating new history's breaking the cycle so the next generation is free,

 Shauna Obriain

Will update this post with her social media info soon... 

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