Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bizarre Marketing trends

"When I eat salad my life is hilarious!"
Women Laughing On Their Own With Salad
Looking to put a smile on the face of that special lady? Don't waste all your witty one liners, instead just make her a salad, leave her alone and wait for nature to take its course. This is what the marketeers would have us believe. I love this portrayl of women with salad. Ad men really think if we don't see a women laughing whilst eating her greens simultaneously we won't believe it is healthy. Check any womens magazine. If there is a healthy eating feature it's likely to be accompanied by photograph of a lady lol'ing with a bowl of  Meditarranean type salad. Still, we don't know what tricks the salad is playing when it gets these women alone. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from baby plum tomatoes. For more pictures of women laughing alone with salad check the link below. Ahhh, the joy of salad.


"Shopping whilst being black and female makes me so happy"

 Very Happy Black Women Shopping

Title says it all really. The marketing people feel that women love shopping but black women even more so. We jump in the air, squeal with excitement and pose for pictures. We do weights with our shopping bags, practise the high jump with our shopping bags-and of course all of this implies that when we get home we make love to our shopping. It's sex and Westfield Shopping City all the way!
 "I've just turned on my hard drive"

Happy Women With Laptops

This is nearly as bizarre as women laughing on their own with salad. Look how this lady is gently caressing the keys with her hand palm whilst smiling at us seductively. In alot of these type of pictures the women aren't even looking at the device. They are not using them, they just want to be seen with them. As a women I have a whole photo album with just me and my latop. "All I need in this life of sin...."

Other funny marketing trends:

Orgasmic women washing their hair
Men laughing alone with fruit salad
Couples piggybacking to demonstrate a happy relationship
Business women in adverts for thrush medication

Sapphic Seduction

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