Friday, 27 April 2012

NEWS: Immigrant Steals British Mans Job at Knifepoint

The police have launched an extensive nationwide manhunt for the man they believe responsible for stealing a British man's job at knife point. A Scotland Yard spokesman said; "Kinfe crime is one thing but to steal a man's livelihood is beyond evil. We will not cease searching till we find the man responsible for this heinous crime."

The unfortunate victim Gary Wells was visibly shaken when he had this to say;

"One minute I was parked up at the petrol Station the next I had a knife to my throat. He just kept saying, give me your job bloody now, over & over again. I tried to explain it was minimum wage but he was undeterred."

A BNP spkesperson said "You see, we told you they'd do this."

Police have managed to identify the suspect captured by CCTV as; Bfduygn C Erjhcb7e. Mr Erjhcb7e is believed to come from a place that is not Britain.

The recent spate of job thefts has spiked paranoia among the employed. Many have admitted to lying about their employment status to avoid being robbed

Ministers are worried it will damage the economy & have afforded police their full support in catching the job-robber.

Let's hope another victim won't have to suffer Gary's fate

The above story is entirely fictitious, do not sue me.

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