Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Skin/Hair Care. Ingredient of the Week


Every week we are going to profile the uses and effectiveness of natural ingredients for overall health for your skinn and hair. This week we'll look at the effectiveness of coconut oil. For european hair its great as a pre wash conditioner (leave on for 2 hours befor a wash or overnight), increasing strengh, shine and moisture without greainess. For afro textured hair it is excellent as a moisturiser because it penetrates the hair shaft. Although, you must seal the moisture in with a barrier oil such as caster or sweet almond oil. To get the best out of the product it's best to use the cold pressed unrefined version as natural oils lose alot of their nutritional properties through the refining process.

Hair benefits

Penetrates the hair shaft for genuine moisture

Increses, strength and shine

Anti Dandruff

Microbial Properties

Contains vitamin E-great for hair and skin

Protects hair when thermal styling.

Skin Benefits

Anti Aging

Soothes dry skin conditions like excema

Perfect after sun lotion

The proteins it contains help keep skin healthy and rejuvanated

 Has good anti oxidant properties.

Next week: Shea Butter...

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