Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Erotic poetry by our own little feisty angel (:

She says she wants to collaborate on a poem
How do I approach this without her knowing?
That actually
I’d like to create poetry physically
Let’s use the laws of alliteration
Let me lick lines on loins and lower limbs
Tempt me to taste tits, lick lips, and smother slits sloppily with a saliva kiss
Causing your nips to stand at attention
Cos you’ll need to pay attention
To write this piece
Let’s use similes like
Like, I want to lick you like an ice cream
With caramel swirls
Let my tongue twist and twirl on your creamy core
As though, you are the last ice-cream in the world
And my survival depends on tasting you
On the drawing out of your essence, in pleasure filled seconds
Like a bee would suck nectar from stamen
After extraction, my mission is to pollinate
By rubbing me on you in a strategic place
Let’s create honey, like the honey bee
Separate and part my wings
Draw my nectar from me
Of course I speak metaphorically
Let’s create an iambic pentameter rhythm
Using headboard against wall
As drumstick against drum, it will be fun
And at some point you’ll remind me, politely
To get back to the writing
And I’ll let you trace made up words on my curves
And we’ll argue over, whether I’d felt a noun or a verb
And I’d verbally depict your encryptions
In Morse coded moans
And you’ll accompany my vocals
In deep brassy groans
And together, we’ll fill the room with our dulcet tones
I mean, writing poetry is a beautiful thing
So why not, to the backdrop of our poetic melodies

Feisty Angel (Kemi Taiwo)

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