Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Poem for Slutwalk-Please support this fantastic cause!

It's easy to blame the victim, the downtrodden
History rests on the shoulders of the forgotten
We walk for sluts hoping to reclaim that name
That make's so many shirink and live in shame
we have a 6 per cent of rapes convicted
It's the price many women pay for being afflicted
with the curse of being a statistic
for being taken just like a biscuit
so many women scorned
but so many others being warned
about the way they dress asking for the worst
like the way we dress makes us eqivocal to dirt
We should dress how we want and drink however much we like
without it leading to an unwinnable fight
but now if your drunk your you get no compensation
when alcohol doesn't negate the violent sensations
What kind of society would choose
that when it's he said/she said she's gonna lose
that she's at fault because she's drinking booze
unless if she's killed and ends up on the news
And then we gasp in shock and awe
as if this doesn't happen daily behind many a door
As if it doesn't play out daily in the courts
as if it doesn't replay daily in many thoughts
It has to be the oldest crime
way back in time it wern't even a crime
and we're still fighting that ignorance
coz as decades go by we fail to recognise the difference
Forcible sex is not on the agenda
even though it affects all classes, creed and genders
the fact this organisation exists is a fucking tragedy
coz it should resonate with everyone in every family
even if it never happened to you
Its effects are the corrosion to societys glue
I don't wanna be doom and gloom
but we have to shine a light in order to see the bloom
and to use our voices to share a tune
Lets walk together, and show solidarity rules!

The details of slutwalk are below. It's for a fantastic cause and yours truly will be performing. Will probably edit the piece above though. Just a rough draft. Come along, donate and get involved. Girl power!!!

You are invited to The Voice of Protest... a spoken word benefit for SlutWalk London 2012!

Sometimes we can forget how much a difference community, protest and our voices can make. Our aim for this night is to showcase spoken word artists who share our goal of challengin...g injustice, whether that be by confronting issues of gender, race, class or other oppression.

At its core SlutWalk is about people power. By telling our stories, raising our voices and connecting with other people we can make so much of a difference. We raise questions, we raise conversation and we can create change.

Join us at the Shacklewell Arms in London on the 29th April from 7pm!

*** ENTRY £5 ***

MC: Yasmin Lorentz


Cat Brogan
Caitlin Hayward-Tapp
Roz Kaveney
Evan Ifekoya
Sirena Reynolds
Sophia Blackwell
Camila Fiori
Habiba Hrida
Stephanie Dogfoot
Stephanie Goldberg
Dave Russell


Nearest Overground: Dalston Kingsland
Buses: 488 stopping at The Petchey Academy stop
Or see TFL Journey Planner at http://www.tfl.gov.uk/, see here for travel disruptions: http://bit.ly/Hv5TtO
Map: http://g.co/maps/732p3

...or if you can't come, please donate at http://bit.ly/slutwalk2012donate xxx

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